How to Pack a Perfectly Organized Carry-On

Going on a trip? A thoughtfully put-together carry-on bag is essential! Repin and click through to the post for some must-have items to pop in your carry-on and combat the stresses of travel!

It’s travel season – woohoo! Heading somewhere fabulous? Traveling can be stressful if you aren’t prepared. You may feel relieved and accomplished after stuffing all of your belongings into your suitcase that you’re checking – but are you planning to carry on any helpful essentials?

I believe that a well-packed carry-on is a travel necessity. In addition to the obvious inclusions – money, identification, etc., there are some other items that can aid in soothing and combatting the stresses of travel. Let’s take the following mishaps into consideration, shall we? 

Travel Mishap #1: Hunger Strikes

You’re sitting on the plane when your stomach starts to grumble. The days of airlines offering free snacks are far and few between. Sure, you could pay $10 for some underwhelming airplane snacks, or you can save your hard-earned dollars and have some snacks stowed in your carry-on for when hunger strikes.

I like to stock mine with hearty granola bars and pre-portioned bags of nuts. You only have so much room in that bag of yours – so think filling, nutritious, & delicious when selecting snacks to bring along.

Travel Mishap #2: Lurking Germs

You select a complementary beverage from the friendly flight attendant and go to turn down the tray table to set your drink down – wait! Those tray tables are lurking with insane amounts of germs and bacteria.

Rather than holding your libation in your hand the entire flight, pack some antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer in your carry-on bag. Once you are situated in your seat, wipe that tray table down so you can utilize it germ-free.

 Travel Mishap #3: Air Pressure

As the plane ascends and descends, you might experience a painful sensation in your inner ear, commonly referred to as airplane ear, due to the changing air pressure. Rather than sitting there in discomfort, pack this simple essential to avoid it – gum. 

The act of chewing a stick of gum can help to equalize the pressure and relieve discomfort. You may even feel a popping sensation in your ears as the pressure equalizes.

Travel Mishap #4: Lack of Moisture

The humidity in airplane cabins is significantly lower than the air you’re used to being surrounded by at home or the office. The combination of low humidity and dry air make for the perfect moisture-sapping environment to dry out your skin, lips, you-name-it. Be prepared by stashing some moisturizer and lip balm in your bag.

Travel Mishap #5: Boredom

Plane rides can be boring – plain and simple. Being confined in a not-so-comfortable, tiny seat doesn’t exactly give you a ton of options to keep yourself entertained. Make sure you are prepared for when boredom strikes by filling your carry-on with a book, magazine, or playlist to make the time go by.

Travel Mishap #6: Body Odor

After getting through the mile-long security lines and tucking yourself into your crammed seat, there’s a good chance you worked up a bit of a sweat. There’s nothing worse than sitting uncomfortably during the flight feeling like the smelly kid on the plane. Set your mind at ease and pop a fragrance in your carry-on bag.

If you are concerned about carrying your perfume on the plane because it doesn’t comply with the 3-1-1 rule, pick up one of these nifty atomizers and fill with your scent of choice. If you’re wondering how these babies are – they’re amazing. I won’t travel without one, and often take 2 so that I can alternate fragrances while on the trip.

But, what do we put all of these necessities in? 

Longchamp’s Le Pliage Large Shoulder Tote is my go-to carry-on bag any time I think about boarding a plane. Why is it so amazing, you might ask? This bag rocks my socks off because it can easily be folded up upon arrival at your destination.

It’s roomy enough to fit all you need and more, yet won’t take up any space when you are done using it. Simply empty your belongings upon arrival, fold up your bag, and neatly tuck it away until it’s time to depart.

I also like to bring a small makeup bag to toss all of my small items in – especially my identification, cash, & credit cards. There’s no need for items to be swimming around aimlessly in your tote bag.

*Also be sure to pack any liquid items in a plastic bag to abide by the 3-1-1 rule. That means any liquids – lotions, fragrances, hand sanitizers, etc. – hang out in a resealable quart-sized (or smaller) bag.

Going on a trip? A thoughtfully put-together carry-on bag is essential! Repin and click through to the post for some must-have items to pop in your carry-on and combat the stresses of travel!

Let’s do a recap, shall we? A perfectly organized carry-on bag includes:

  • Proper identification/currency
  • Snacks for when hunger strikes
  • Antibacterial wipes to combat germs around you
  • Hand Sanitizer to soak up germs on your hands
  • Gum to fight the changes in air pressure
  • Moisturizer & lip balm to beat the low humidity and dry air on the plane
  • A book, headphones, or whatever you need to keep you entertained
  • Atomizer filled with your favorite scent to ensure you’re smelling fresh & clean

Going on a trip? A thoughtfully put-together carry-on bag is essential! Repin and click through to the post for some must-have items to pop in your carry-on and combat the stresses of travel!

With some simple planning, all of the above mishaps can be purposefully avoided by organizing your carry-on bag. If you’re looking for tips on packing your suitcase, check out this post.

Think of any essentials I missed? What are your carry-on must haves? Share in the comments!


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