Life Hacks for a Healthy Harmony

Ever stumble upon a great tip and think to yourself, Gee, I really could’ve used this that one time.”  Yep, I’ve been there. It seems like great tips always seem to pop out of nowhere after they would’ve made your life so much easier. For that reason, I offer you a collection of some of my favorite life hacks to have on hand when those times appear!

Life Hack #1: Tea Bags for Shoe Odor

This is one of my favorite, simple life hacks. After wearing your shoes for hours on end, it’s inevitable that they will develop a foul odor over time. Now, if you were like me before coming across this life hack, you might have put your poor, innocent red Toms in the washer and dryer – shrinking them into little baby shoes. In retrospect, the dryer was a really dumb move. With this tip, though, you can skip the washer and dryer altogether! Simply place a tea bag in your shoes over night, remove in the morning, and voila! The tea bag will absorb the odor and leave your shoes smelling good as new. I prefer to use peppermint tea bags for this hack to leave a minty fresh smell, but any variety will do.

Life Hack #2: Advil Liquid Gels for Pimples

Wake up refreshed and ready to start your day when you notice a pimple the size of Mount Everest in the middle of your face?  We’ve all been there. Don’t panic – simply head to your medicine cabinet and reach for the bottle of Advil liquid gels. Using a safety pin, carefully puncture a small hole in the capsule, squeeze out a bit of the liquid onto a cotton swab, and apply to the mountain. The anti-inflammatory properties in the Advil will work to decrease the redness and swelling of your pimple, leaving you with only a small molehill until it’s fully disappeared. If you like the macaron pill case, you can find out where to get your own here.

Life Hack #3: Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil serves a multitude of purposes aside from being a great cooking & baking ingredient. I like to use coconut oil for beauty products and treatments that are often heavy on the beauty budget. My two favorite uses of coconut oil are as a DIY body scrub and as a conditioning hair mask. To make the body scrub, simply scoop some coconut oil into a plastic container, add a scoop of coffee grounds, and mix. I like to keep a container of this in the shower and use it as an exfoliant. The coconut oil is ultra hydrating, while the caffeine in the coffee grounds works to tighten and firm the appearance of your skin – a winning combo.

To use coconut oil as a hair mask, simply scoop some into your palm and work it through your hair – scalp to ends. Repurpose a plastic shopping bag by wrapping it around your coconut oil-filled tresses, secure with a hair tie, and let it sit for 30 minutes. After removing the plastic bag, wash and style your hair as usual. Your hair should not only look shiny, but feel soft and silky to the touch.

Life Hack #4: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is liquid gold. While it has a plethora of handy purposes, my personal favorite has to do with warding off sickness. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid – a potent antimicrobial that is powerful enough to kill some types of bacterial infections, like strep throat, for example. Any time I wake up with a scratchy throat, I mix a tablespoon of ACV with fruit juice, preferably pineapple, and throw it back. Be forewarned – this is not by any means a tasty concoction. In fact, it leaves a pretty unpleasant after taste. However, a few sips of liquid sans apple cider vinegar will flush the sour taste right away. I’ve used this hack multiple times, and my scratchy throat has disappeared after a day or two. Just make sure you’re using organic, unfiltered ACV like the one pictured above – it has all of the good stuff in it.

Life Hack #5: Repurpose Perfume Bottles

You just squeezed out your last spray of your favorite fragrance and go to toss that pretty little bottle in the trash – wait! While there may not be any more perfume left to spray out, the scent still lingers on the bottle. Rather than throw your elegant-looking fragrance bottles away, repurpose them by placing them in your sock or undergarments drawer. The presence of the uncapped bottle will leave a mild scent that’ll make your undergarments smell pristine.

While I’m certain I’ll come across many other useful life hacks – hopefully before needing to use them – these are some of my routine favorites. If you are going on a trip soon, be sure to check out my packing tips post for some travel hacks.

Do you have any life hacks that you swear by? Share in the comments!



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