How to Organize Your Meal Prep

Get home from work with a grumbling stomach and no meal planned? Click through to the post for a free printable weekday meal planner to organize your meals for the week!

Weekdays tend to be a bit manic. Between working, hitting the gym, running errands, & trying to have a social life – meals sometimes become an afterthought. When you get home after a long day and your tummy is grumbling, the last thing you want to do is search through the kitchen and figure out what to throw together with what you have.

To bring some sanity to your meal prep, I offer you a free printable weekday meal planner. There is also a section to write down what groceries you need for the listed meals. No more running to the store 3 times a week to grab that one ingredient you needed. Your meals and shopping list can now all be organized in one convenient place.


I recommend printing one of these babies out on Sunday evening, hopping on Pinterest, and jotting down the meals that look too good not to whip up. I like to also sit down with the grocery ads and map out where I plan to shop based on the week’s sales. You can then head out to the grocery store with an organized shopping list to keep you focused, and head into the week with all of your meals planned and documented.

I, personally, never like to head to the store without a list to keep me on track. Without one, I either forget something I needed, or leave with way more than I needed. Moral of the story, lists are your friend. If you like to keep your grocery list separate from your weekday meal planning, the below printable is for you.


This colorful grocery list contains a section for both groceries and stores you need to hit. There’s also a place at the bottom to track your grocery budget versus how much you actually spent. This will come in handy when you’re figuring out your monthly budget.

How do you plan your meals for the week? Share in the comments!



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