Harmonizing Your Workspace

Let’s be honest – we don’t all jump out of bed in excitement the second our alarms go off in the morning and rush to work. I mean, maybe we rush to work, but not in excitement. If you do – kudos to you. The majority of the population could probably use something to look forward to upon arriving to work. One thing that helps me to not dread the workday is accessorizing my workspace. Think about it – if you surround yourself with a perfectly decorated, harmonized workspace, you will likely be in a better mood when you sit down at your desk. I’m not saying it’ll make your workday a breeze, but it should suck less having cute desk accessories inches away.

Let’s take my inviting Kate Spade desk accessories for example. How can you not smile when you glance at the cute little phrases they flash?

Kate Spade’s office line is available at numerous retailers and won’t put too much of a dent in your pocket. That is, if you don’t buy her entire collection – which I was more than tempted to do. However, I took my own advice and shopped around. I stumbled upon this adorable little pencil holder at Hobby Lobby that matches the other pieces beautifully. Honestly, I think it might actually be a drinking glass – but who cares? It’s a pencil cup now.

I also had my heart set on some gold & white file folders from Kate Spade’s collection, but didn’t want to fork out another $16 for them. I luckily stumbled upon these beauties while on my Hobby Lobby outing for only a few dollars. They look strikingly similar to the real deal, but at a fraction of the cost.

Another Kate Spade accessory that caught my eye was the “strike gold stapler” to match my punny “make it stick” tape dispenser – but again, I didn’t want to pay another $28 but still wanted to staple my documents in style. After hunting around, I picked up this little beauty from Office Depot. It may not match perfectly, but it does boast the gold accenting and a Tiffany blue shade that screams Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Alongside my Tiffany-inspired stapler sits my adorable post-it note holder. This accessory was a gift and adds a delightful pop of color to my desk space. It’s actually in the shape of a purse which makes it even more charming – if that’s even possible.

What better way to compliment your gold accented desk accessories than with a white and gold keyboard/mouse duo? I personally use a Macbook Air at home and found the keyboard of my desktop work computer to be a bit bulky. After a quick Amazon search, I found the below set for only $20. I, of course, had to purchase an equally chic mousepad to place the mouse upon. The mousepad was only $14 from Caitlin Wilson designs.

While I love technology, there’s something satisfying about using a planner to write your schedule out by hand that a virtual calendar simply can’t provide. I personally enjoy dressing up my planner each week and planning out all that I want to accomplish. The below planner is by Erin Condren. Her LifePlanner is by far one of the best organizers I’ve ever used.

What are your favorite desk accessories to harmonize your workspace? Share in the comments!


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