6 Easy Ways to Get Organized

Let’s be honest, one doesn’t jump from clutter to organization overnight. Becoming an organization guru can be a bit of a work in progress. For some, that progress is a bigger challenge than it is for others.

The important thing is not how slowly you go, but the fact that you’re making moves towards organizational bliss. After all, those baby steps add up to some pretty giant leaps.

For those who might need some help getting started on their organizational journeys, I rounded up some of my favorite, easy ways to get organized.

#1 Lists:

One of the easiest ways to start getting organized is by making lists – to-do lists, cleaning lists, grocery lists, you-name-it. Lists are a great way to stay on track and ensure you account for every duty you plan to get done, grocery you plan to buy, or corner you plan to clean. Lists are your friend – plain and simple.

#2 Use a Planner:

Getting organized doesn't have to be a headache. You can be on your way to organizational bliss with just a few simple methods! Click through to the post to learn them all!

Using a planner is another great fool-proof way to add some structure and organization to your days. While lists alone are a great tool – a planner is a fantastic way to map out your day and document what you hope to accomplish.

There are quite a few amazing planners on the market nowadays – some more expensive than others. If you aren’t ready to break the bank for a fancy planner, or you aren’t quite sure what planner you’d like to invest in – check out some of the free printable planner sheets I posted here on the blog.

#3 Keep a Monthly Budget:

I wrote a post a while back regarding the importance of keeping a monthly budget and organizing your finances. This task takes a minimal amount of time and can really make a huge impact on your saving and spending habits.

I’ve even made it super easy for you with this printable budget sheet – all you have to do is set aside some time to track and plan your expenses.

#4 Invest Time:

It takes time to tackle organizing areas of your home, your finances, etc. While it may be tedious work, it’s so worth it when you step back and gaze at the organizational bliss your hard work has achieved. All you need to do is plan ahead and set aside an adequate amount of time for each project you want to dive into.

#5 Set Goals:

Organizing your entire home likely isn’t a one-day project. It’s important to set realistic goals to ensure you don’t get burned out and want to jump off of the organization bandwagon. Setting a weekly goal to tackle your closet is far more reasonable than vowing to whip the house into tip top shape in a few days.

As mentioned above, organizing your spaces can take time. It’s better to invest your time and plan your projects accordingly to ensure you’re both happy and sane when your hard work is complete.

#6 Set Alarms:

I’m not just talking alarms to signal it’s time to get out of bed and join the rest of mankind – set alarms for doing certain tasks. If you only have 15 minutes in between appointments, set a timer while you start cleaning out your kitchen drawer, or use the time to sit down and fill in your planner for the week.

The act of setting alarms helps ensure you’re making the best use of your time by allocating it towards reaching goals and getting things in order.

These tips are simple, yet effective. All it takes is a few simple practices to add some organization to your days.

What’s your favorite way to stay organized? Share in the comments!


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  1. Kristel Miley

    AWESOME post! I love reading blogs that are in the same genre as mine! They’re hard to find–not a lot of bloggers do organization tips. But great content 🙂 Loved your tips for being better organized–very inspiring!


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